A GPS for your business

YourPlanYourFuture, LLC, is designed to help your business succeed.
Our focus is on small-to-medium-sized companies – a lot like the companies many of you, or perhaps family or friends, run today.

Some are startups. Others are companies that have been around a while but seem to be stuck on high center. Still others are doing OK but would like to do better.

These days you wouldn’t leave home without a GPS to help you reach your destination. Think of business planning as a GPS for your business. Properly thought out, your business can succeed.

The two top reasons businesses fail are:
1. Lack of necessary funding.
2. Lack of business planning.

It’s tough to get there if you don’t know where you’re going.

Our services consist of four modules:

1. A Business Assessment. We help you sort out strengths and weaknesses, what’s working and what’s not working, or areas where you may need additional training. The assessment examines your company, market readiness, personal skills and financials.

2. The Basics. Think of this module as your infrastructure – all the stuff that will help you succeed but you may feel you don’t have the time to do: Your vision for your company. Your mission (how you’re going to get there). Your core competencies and barriers to entry, if any. Some people have told us they don’t need a vision or a mission. They don’t need to set measurable goals. If you don’t have goals – both short-term and long-term – how will you know you’ve arrived?

3. Go-to-Market. This is where your hard work pays off, but only if you’re ready. What is your target market? How well do you really know your market? What are the emerging trends? Have you researched your competition? (Yes you do have competitors; everyone does). What is your competitive advantage? Many people launch businesses without knowing what their competitive advantage is and how to leverage it. Are you customer-driven? Do your products / services match your customers’ needs? Do you have established sales channels? How do you price your products and/or services? A key piece of this module is creating awareness. The Internet has changed the game. Social media channels cannot be ignored. Word of mouth continues to be the leading method of going to market. But you must mix and match; choose wisely. And, there are income and expense plans, and not just for the next few months but three years out.

4. Business Coaching. Some people refer to consulting and coaching interchangeably. Frankly, we’ve always had trouble separating the two. Yes, a coach motivates, provides focus, allays fears, and much more. But that coach also guides you in business strategy. At YourPlanYourFuture, LLC, we work with you, keep you on the right track, and provide the discipline and know-how. You own the plan because you help build it.
One of our clients said it best: Prospective customers of YourPlanYourFuture, LLC, should think of what the company does as “essential GPS Navigation Services for Your Business.”