Renaissance Micro Case Study


Business and Sales Execution Planning Services, with emphasis on where Dwain K. Leonard, president of Renaissance Micro, Inc., wanted his business to go over the next several years.


Founded by Dwain in 1999, Renaissance Micro Inc. is a re-seller and integrator of Canto’s Cumulus, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Dwain adds value to Canto’s base system with multiple specialty modules for the Education business and select Commercial markets.

Dwain asked us to help Renaissance Micro grow its revenue during especially difficult economictimes while creating business plans, both for current and future use. These plans included:

– Revenue and Expense Forecasts
– Competitor Analysis
– SWOT Assessment (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)



Working closely with Dwain, we created two sets of plans for Renaissance Micro:

– Business plans with emphasis on future directions of Renaissance Micro
– A Sales Execution plan, to be used as an on-going document to achieve sales



Among the sales tools we provided:

– 20-second telephone script
– 30-second elevator pitch
– Buyer pains in his target markets
– Unique selling points
– Use case scenarios
– Lead qualification process
– A way to monitor progress


Dwain said the business plans and sales execution plans “were immensely helpful” at a time when the effects of the economic collapse were being felt.

“We could not have achieved the current sales and revenue numbers without the plans developed both for our Commercial and Educational Business markets.

“Like Renaissance Micro, many small businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need for having well thought-out contingency and action plans in place so they can respond quickly to market changes with confidence. Your service fills this need perfectly. Thanks again for all the help.”

Renaissance Micro since has called on us to help its website with white papers, case studies and landing page materials. We proudly continue
to work with Renaissance Micro.