While the focus of YourPlanYourFuture, LLC, is on business planning and business coaching, we’re about more. Much more.

Maybe you need help in crafting sales and marketing tools.

Examples of sales tools include the 30-second elevator pitch and unique selling points. Marketing tools include white papers and case studies.

If you studied business or marketing in college, you know the 30-second elevator pitch is a concise message you could deliver in 30 seconds if you found yourself sharing an elevator with the CEO.

Sounds easy enough to do, but most people have a tough time explaining their business in 30 seconds. We can help.

Case studies can range from two or three pages up to 16 pages for a more detailed analysis.

Most case studies take a direct approach. Anyone reading a case study usually knows all the players up front, including the company that wins the business.

White papers, on the other hand, are more subtle. The idea is to position the client as an expert in his or her field.

White papers state a problem a company seeks to solve, market drivers, key issues, user benefits, the search for a solution, a short list of the candidates and, finally, the firm awarded the business. That comes at the very end of the white paper.

By then, the reader feels he can call the winning firm without being sold-to.

Services provided by YourPlanYourFuture, LLC, include but are not limited to:

Business planning / Business coaching / Business assessments / Competitive analysis / The 30-second elevator pitch / The 20-second phone script / Use scenarios / Unique selling points / References / White papers / Case studies / How to increase word-of-mouth leads / Blogging / Fact sheets

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